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Animal Scanner

Rfid Reader Writer ST-F02

  • Supported Standard: ISO11784/85 FDX-B
  • Support Chip: EM4305/T5577/HitagS
  • Frequency: 134.2KHz
  • Operating System: Win XPWin CEWin 7Win 10
  • These are professional EM4305 ISO11784/5 FDX-B rfid writer copier andEM4305 T5577 HitagS USB Animal Microchip rfid reader writer copier for encoding numbers.


RFID Read Writer (ST-F01)        Support Chip EM4305 FDX-B animal microchip            
RFID Read Writer (ST-F02)     Support Chip EM4305, T5577, HitagS Pet Rfid glass tube tags  
Supported Standard ISO11784/85 FDX-B/A
Interface USB virtual serial port, baud rate support 9600~115200
Power USB Connector
Decoding method Manchester RF/64,Manchester RF/32, Bi-phrase
Reading Distance 0-5CM (depends on tag antenna shape and size)
Operating System Win XP\Win CE\Win 7\Win 10
Indicators Double Color LED (Red & Green) and Buzzer
Material ABS+Epoxy
Dimension 140x100x25mm
Weight 200g
Operating Temperature -10°C - 45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C - 60°C