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Animal Scanner

Animal Microchip Reader ST04

  • Frequency: 134.2KHz
  • Standrad and Protocol: ISO11784/5 FDX-B
  • Recharging Method: USB interface endurable
  • Momery capacity: Records of 90 items
  • Portable light weight 134.2khz Fdx-b rfid microchip reader For ReadingPet DogCatFish Tracking Tag


Product Name 134.2KHz Animal Mini Reader (ST04)
Material ABS
Size 10.9*3.4*1.4cm
Frequency 134.2KHz
Standrad and Protocol ISO11784/5 FDX-B
Read range 2~8cm (30mm diameter animal electronic ear tag)
Momery capacity Records of 90 items, be consulted from the tag reader
Port USB virtual comport
Power 3.7V(lithium battery)
Recharging Method USB interface, endurable
Language English
Features lErgonomically designed, comfortable to hold
lConform to the International Agreement ISO11784/85
lSupport FDX-B