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Access Control Reader

  • ST-M02

ST-M02 Middle Range Rfid Reader WG26

  • Voltage:DC12V
  • Frequency:125Khz EM ID
  • Interface:Wiegand 26 /34/RS232/485
  • Size:260x260x35mm
  • This reader is ideal for installations incorporating parking control, personal identification, access control and through-wall, hands-free, logistic etc. And long read range applications.
Material ABS+Epoxy
Size 260x260x35mm
Voltage DC12V
Static Current less than 50mA
Color Black
Reading Distance 70~100cm for special clamshell cards
Temperature *-25℃~85℃
Reader speed  less than 0.2sec
Humidity  10%~90%
Waterproof IP67
Support  125KHz EM ID
Card Type   EM-ID card,Middle distance ID card,General ID card
Frequency 125KHz 
Interface  Weigand26/34/RS232/485
Communication Distance Weigand =100M,Rs232=10M,Rs485=1000M
Built-in Antenna,speaker,buzzer,red(bule)green color LED
Transmission Weigand,RS232,RS485
Supporting System compatible with Windows98/2000/XP
Speical Provide Logo printing,long cable,Reader module

Using + type screw driver to loosen the screw between the panel and motherboard.
And then embed the motherboard to the side wall with the plastic plug and screws.

Wire Connection
Weigand  RS485 RS232
Red DC12V Red DC12V Red DC12V
Black GND Black GND Black GND
Green D0 Green 4R+ Green TX
White D1 White 4R- White RX
Blue LED        
Yellow BEEP        
Grey WG26/34        
Purple Ring        


1. Confirm the electric voltage DC12V and differentiate positive anode and cathode of power supply

2. When external Power is used, suggest to use same power GND with controoller panel.

3. The wire connects reader to controller, advise use 8 cores stranded twisted pair cable(among them,two strands are spare,if no need reader show illegal cards by sound and lightm, SPK,LED wire can not be used, data wire Data 1 Data 0 are twisted pair would be better ,we suggest sectional area are 0.22 square millimeterat least.The length should not exceed 100 meters. Shielded wire connect to GND, over striking and double strand cable will improve reader working performance.