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Access Control Power

  • NO terminal and COM terminal
  • NC terminal and COM terminal
  • DC12V output voltage regulation
  • 12V input voltage door
  • Output Contact :Access control, Electric Lock, Release Button

Power Supply Control ST-P01

  • ripple voltage:Up ≤ 50mV
  • Input voltage:AC 110~240V
  • Time Delay:0~15sec.
  • Suitable For:Access control Electric lock
  • Door Access Control System Switch Power Supply Control 110~240v


Size 130mm*67mm*37mm     
ripple voltage Up  ≤ 50mV  
Input voltage AC 110~240V
Input Frequency 50~60Hz
Output voltage DC12V
Output current 3A
Output voltage trim range +_10%~+_15%
Load stability 1%typical
Time Delay 0~15sec.
Weight approx. 0.4Kg
Output Contact Access control,  Electric Lock,  Release Button
output stability 0.5% typical
Hold time at full load typ 20ms
Working temperature -20~+65°C  
Standard Designe Steel material, Painted  
Protect Safely Short Circuit protection
Suitable For Access control, Electric lock
Warranty 12months

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