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Animal Scanner

Animal Microchip Reader ST02

  • Frequency: 134.2kHz Read and write ISO 14223
  • Standrad and Protocol: ISO11784/5 FDX-A FDX-B EM4102 HDX
  • Read range: ≥8 cm(12mm×2mm glass tag)
  • Port: USB virtual comport,bluetooth virtual com.port
  • High quality Reliable Durable Animal Handheld Rfid Reader for animal pet identification/farm management multifunctional microchip scanner.


Product Name High quality Animal Handheld Reader (ST02)
Material ABS
Size 155mm (L)×82(W)×33(H)
Frequency 134.2kHz Read and write ISO 14223
Standrad and Protocol ISO11784/5 FDX-A, FDX-B, EM4102, HDX
Read range ≥8 cm(12mm×2mm, glass tag)
Momery capacity Up to 1000 ID numbers
Port USB virtual comport,bluetooth virtual com.port
Display 128×64,black and white,OLED
Power Lithium battery,1400mAh,3.7V
Keys 4 buttons
Indication Battery charge control and Bluetooth . Buzzer
Software When connecting Bluetooth of mobile phone, you need to  install Bluetooth debugging assistant to connect.Connecting by Bluetooth of computer is not recommended because the operation is complicated.
Charging mode Mini USB
Accessories Mini USB cable,Battery
Language English,French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Polish available (others to custom)
Special Offer Customization available

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