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Animal Syringe

Pet Microchip Syringe ST-Y03

  • Frequency: 125khz/134.2khz
  • Size: 2.12*12mm 1.4*8mm
  • Material: Biocompatible GlassPolypropylene
  • Bar code label: Contains 6pcs adhesive-sticker
  • Pet Microchips 1.4*8mm 2.12*12mm syringe meets all international standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/ISO 11785) top quality European chips with read/write capability unique ID


Product Name Animal Microchip Syringe (ST-Y03)
Material Biocompatible Glass,Polypropylene
Size 1.4x8mm,2x12mm in stock, other size can be customized on your demand
Frequency 134.2KHz(FDX-B), 125KHz(FDX-A)
Standrad and Protocol ISO11784/5   Available to encode customer’s number
Transmission Principle Full Duplex(FDX-A/B)
Chip EM4305/T5577
Sterilization  EO gas, 5 years' guarantee
Bar code   Contains 6pcs adhesive-sticker
Bar code label  3M adhesive-stickers
Logo Neutral packing or OEM, customized
Benefits Unique ID
Advancedsecurity features(OTP,data integrity check,encrypted anthentication)
Guarantee 10 years