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Access Control Standalone Cont

  • access control reader

Stand-Alone Access Control System

  • Size:116X116X20mm
  • Frequency:125kHz/ 13.56MHz
  • Material:PVC
  • Support Card: Em ID MF IC
  • The item is a standalone single door controller connecting electric strike or magnetic lock and a power supply. Opening door modes are Card only Keypad only and Card with Keypad.


Standalone, single door control.

Low Priced, connect an electric strike and power supply and you're done

No Control Panels - Standalone Access Controller

Easy and simple to use

Has a flat back so it's easy to install on any flat surface

Operating Mode: Card only, Keypad only, Card with Keypad.

Card capacity is 400 ~3000users.

Programmable door release time: 1~250 seconds

Access code can be added or deleted by keypad management.

Built-in electric buzzer for audible card entry and programming.

Data is protected even after power failure.

Machined housing in high durable.