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Access Control Standalone Cont

  • ST-N03

ST-N03 Digital standalone RFID reader

  • Dimenstion:86*86*18mm
  • Frequency:125KHz /13.56MHz
  • Feature: waterproof
  • Reading range: Within 10cm
  • The item is a standalone single door controller connecting electric strike or magnetic lock and a power supply. Opening door modes are Card only ,Keypad only and Card with Keypad.


  • Standalone, single door control.
  • Low Priced, connect an electric strike and power supply and you're done
  • No Control Panels - Standalone Access Controller
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Has a flat back so it's easy to install on any flat surface
  • Operating Mode: Card only, Keypad only, Card with Keypad.
  • Access code can be added or deleted by keypad management.
  • Built-in electric buzzer for audible card entry and programming.
  • Data is protected even after power failure.
  • Machined housing in high durable.