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Access Control Panel

  • Four doors access controller

Four doors access control board

  • Size:218mm×106mm
  • Communication:RS232/RS485/TCP/IP
  • Power supply:12VDC 3A or 12VDC 5A
  • Input reader format:Wiegand 26
  • Offline operation; real time supervision; photo display; mass storage; flexible user privilege setup; remote unlocking; multi-user supervision; quick setting; convenient checking and query.
Working temperature
-40 to 70°C
Working humidity 10-90%RH, no condensation
Card capacity 20,000   privileges
Storing capacity  when offline 100,000
Power failure Protection Flash memory
Max distance from reader to main board 100 meters, suggest not to exceed 80 meters
Max distance from previous main board to next main board
RS232: less than 13 meters, suggest not to exceed 3 meters
RS485: BUS length less than 1200 meters, suggest not to exceed 1000 meters,   could reach 3000 meters with RS485 expander.
TCP/IP : rely on network performance.
Accessories Main board, main   board cover, power supply and control box, cables, disk, 2 keys, cartoon

Professional function

For professional users such as bank,cash house, telecom station, power supply station,prison and plice station;interface locking; intimidation alarm; integrated fire control;anti-passback and anti-tail; interlocking;multi-card unlocking; emergency double locking; in door population checking; unlocking based on internal and external validation.

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